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  • Code
  • CAS 1738-72-3
  • English Productname : H-SER-OBZL.HCL
  • MolWeight : 231.68
  • Formula : C10H14ClNO3

Sichuan ampebiochem Co., Ltd offers advanced drug intermediates and bulk fine chemicals for pharmaceutical development and manufacture. Our products including protected amino acid, pyrrolidine derivatives, piperidine derivatives, drug intermediates and chiral intermediates. CAS1738-72-3;Product name : H-SER-OBZL.HCL;Formula : C10H14ClNO3;MolWeight : 231.68Ampebiochem has powerful research ability,We specialize in organic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, synthesis chemistry and chiral chemistry, and having advanced detecting apparatus, such as NMR, MS, HPLC etc.. We offer your company best serves in pharmaceutical development and manufacture.